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“The David Rhodes Band”

Label: Glassville Records
UPC: 8 714835 106142
Cat. No.: GVR016

“Lyrical Art Rock’ David Rhodes

Renowned guitar innovator David Rhodes (Peter Gabriel/Kate Bush/) has teamed up with Charlie Jones (Bass - Robert Plant/Goldfrapp) and Ged Lynch (Drums - Peter Gabriel/David Sylvyan) to form a Power Trio in the grand tradition, “The David Rhodes Band” who have released their debut album also entitled “The David Rhodes Band” via Glassville Records.

Blending aspects of their art rock and post punk backgrounds with a direct approach encompassing straight ahead rock, R&B and blues, “The David Rhodes Band” is a rare combination of plaintive ballads, powerful riffs, Art Funk grooves and elegantly crafted melodies delivered by Rhodes’ powerfully emotive voice.

David Rhodes explains the impetus behind recording as a three-piece, “I wanted to use the grammar of the traditional rock trio, so no keyboards and no strings, and hopefully make something of that. Limiting the palette available means that everything has to count.”

Produced by Chris Hughes and mixed by Tchad Blake, this no-nonsense approach extended to the format of the album:

“I decided with Chris Hughes to use as few overdubs as possible. Ten tracks seemed like the optimum number to end up with, so we recorded twelve. I wanted a shortish album that would be suited to vinyl - so often albums are too long. Chris was very good at keeping the temperature and weight of it right, that is, keeping it in a place where it would bear repeated listening.”

And Rhodes couldn’t have picked two better colleagues to round out the band:

”Not overdubbing really affects what the bass does. Fortunately Charlie Jones is great for that as he played for Page and Plant for years. Ged Lynch completed the line-up. He's a powerful unfussy drummer who moves easily between delicacy and violence.”

By turns earthy and oblique, The David Rhodes Band - the band and album - inventively reinvigorate Rock mores with sincerity and passion.

The David Rhodes Band is available now from Burning Shed and direct from david-rhodes.uk.



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The David Rhodes Band

“The David Rhodes Band’

If I Could Empty My Head

Grinding Wheel

Ship Of Fools

You Are The North Wind

Monkey On My Back

Waggle Dance


Three Is Everything

My Blue Balloon

Be Mine

Bass playing: Charlie Jones

Drumming and percussing: Ged Lynch

Guitaring and singing: David Rhodes

Producing, guiding, advising, cajoling, compiling, artworking, additional percussing, incessant unplugged contrapuntal guitaring, mastering and hosting of gin Fridays:

Chris Hughes

Recording: Mark Frith at Ashley Manor, Wiltshire

Mixing: Tchad Blake at Mongrel

Photographing and encouraging: Richard ‘Dickie’ Chappell

More artworking: RidArt

Song writing: David Rhodes

Publishing: Real World Music

Executive Producers:

Tony Dunham

Jim, Scott and Christopher

Steve Loxham

David Daniels

Lesley Lieb