Mater Thallium

Abandoned By The Sun

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Coming soon on Autumnsongs Records... THE ALBUM TO END THE SUMMER...

‘Abandoned By The Sun’, by Mater Thallium.

Mater Thallium strikes out with their new album, the progressive and adventurous concept album ‘Abandoned By The Sun’.

‘Abandoned By The Sun’ is the story of the dubious disappearance of a 15-year old girl, her disappearance securing a downward spiral and a grave ripple effect that threatens to ruin the lives of everyone close to her. Nothing can be worse than to lose someone precious without getting any answers

Opening track, ‘Sudden Dereliction’, establishes a link to the previous record and the album’s finale, ‘Finite’, offers a glimpse of what really happened that fateful day, leaving the listener sufficient interpretive space to make up their own minds. Inbetween these bookends, the music moves in multiple, unexpected directions - from brutal sonic-assaults, to moments of uneasy quietness - showcasing great melody lines and a high degree of diversity underlining the sadness and despair of the libretto’s protagonists.

On ‘Abandoned By The Sun’, Mater Thallium explore the inter-human mechanisms at work when a person vanishes without a trace.

‘Abandoned By The Sun’ will be released on the 18th August — available on mini-lp gatefold-sleeve CD, digital download and heavyweight 180gm vinyl.

A single, ‘Exiled Witness’, will precede the album and will be available on all streaming services from the 28th July.

More About Mater Thallium

Mater Thallium was formed in 2013 as as a celebration to iconic bearers of dark, complex and heavy rock music — Candlemass, King Crimson and Black Sabbath— by two members of the legendary burlesque rock unit Procosmian Fannyfiddlers.

After last year’s eponymous debut album, Mater Thallium immediately began work on their follow-up — the adventurous concept album, ‘Abandoned By The Sun’.

This is old-school heavy progressive rock, with a twist of doom, topped with flourishes of Scandinavian folk music.


Mater Thallium

‘Abandoned By The Sun’


1. Sudden Dereliction (8:15)

2. Suicidium (2:01)

3. Exiled Witness (5:49)

4. Maternal Mortality (6:45)


5. Fear Of Water (6:29)

6. Mother Free (5:41)

7. Purgatorial Membrane (2:38)

8. Finite (9:31)

Geir Venom Larzen — guitars, drums, backing vocals

Erik Andås — bass, backing vocals

Håkon Markussen — keyboards, backing vocals

Petter Falk — lead vocals


Mette Jensen — vocals, flute

All titles by Larzen, Andås, Markussen, Falk

Recorded, mixed & mastered by Rhys Marsh at

Autumnsongs Recording Studio

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