Endless Tapes

'Brilliant Waves'

Hardworld Records HWCD10

Endless Tapes (Colin Edwin, Alessandro Pedretti)
Debut Album "Brilliant Waves"

Released 15 January 2016 

“Endless Tapes” is a collaboration between bassist and composer Colin Edwin (Porcupine Tree/Metallic Taste of Blood/Twinscapes/O.R.k etc) and drummer/multi instrumentalist Alessandro "Petrol" Pedretti.

Setting out their plan for an immersive and engaging album, early 2014 saw Endless Tapes “road test” their nascent material over a series of well received live dates in Italy with the duo expanded to a full live four piece band in conjunction with stunning visuals by video artist Danilo Di Prizio.

Colin Edwin offers this insight to the genesis of the band and the importance of the live work: "We chose the name "Endless Tapes"  since to us it reflects the many possibilities of the music. Given the cyclic elements in a lot of the compositions, I prefer to think of these recordings on "Brilliant Waves" as snapshots of particular decisions we made at the time. Playing the music in a live environment before we recorded really opened up a lot of the tunes, but we could have gone in a number of directions"

Consequently debut album “Brilliant Waves”, expands on their previously released eponymous EP, showcasing a kaleidoscopic collection of instrumentals inspired by the patterns in commonplace urban geometry and the recurring, cyclic themes in seemingly ordinary everyday surroundings.

Combining subtle threads of delicate ambience and warm electronica with fluid,

insistent, minimalistic grooves, Endless Tapes blend dark, esoteric elements on a sparkling sonic palette to create an engrossing blend of contrasting dynamics.

The slowly unfolding title track which opens “Brilliant Waves”, emphasizes the duo’s notable synergy, constantly building an unhurried tension with calm precision, before searching for an unexpected but welcome resolution.

Likewise, “Il Guardiano” develops from its reflective beginnings to an unyielding, muscular and mesmeric conclusion.

Other highlights include the hypnotic, circular rhythmic patterns of “Saturn” and the abstract, asymmetric “nonfunk” of “Bass Collapse”.

Closing track “Last Days” evokes a warm nostalgia whilst maintaining optimistic overtones, but with an unexpected twist of unease to provoke deeper reflections.

“Brilliant Waves” is a finely spun, multilayered and immersive album, inviting repeated listens and multiple interpretations. As Edwin himself puts it: "The best analogy I can give is to think of taking a series of photographs of a moving disc or wheel, in the finished picture you will recognise a wheel, but you might catch it anywhere in it's rotation….”

About Colin Edwin

Colin Edwin is best known as bassist of the internationally successful, long time cult favourites Porcupine Tree.
Colin’s imaginative bass playing has lead him to collaborate frequently with like minded and inventive musicians, including (former Henry Cow) multi - instrumentalist and reed player Geoff Leigh (as Ex-Wise Heads), Boston based ambient guitarist Jon Durant (as Burnt Belief), fellow bassist Lorenzo Feliciati in the critically acclaimed duo “Twinscapes”, and most recently “Endless Tapes” with drummer Alessandro Pedretti.

Colin is also a member of the genre defying “Metallic Taste of Blood”, with two highly regarded albums to date on Rarenoise Records, and also plays and records with doom/ sludge band “Obake” and UK singer songwriter Tim Bowness.
In 2015 he formed the band “O.R.k.” alongside King Crimson drummer Pat Mastelotto vocalist LEF and guitarist Carmelo Pipitone from successful Italian “anti-folk” band “Marta Sui Tubi”.

About Alessandro Pedretti

Alessandro Pedretti developed his creative and energetic drumming style whilst touring and recording throughout Italy for a number of years with singer "Giuradei”.
Further lengthy experience whilst working in recording studios as a session drummer in his native Brescia has led Alessandro to working as a composer and arranger of music for commercials and documentaries with several Italian movie studios.

He channels his curiousity and positivity through with his own project “Sdang!” and alongside Colin Edwin in “Endless Tapes”.



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