Hello and welcome to We Do Band Stuff

At We Do Band Stuff, we’re simple folk who like to keep things as straightforward as possible, so simply, we do stuff for bands.

What stuff ?

Well, almost anything really. We bring our expertise in project management to plan and organise any size and type of band related project. For example...

We can develop a strategy for your work, grouping together all your assets and blending them into a cohesive package to support your new release

We can help you get to grips with Social Media, using it to promote and publicise your new release and to keep your fan-base growing end engaged

We can design, deliver and distribute publicity material to our comprehensive list of contacts to generate news, reviews and airplay.

We can help you fund and release your album, either through your own label or our own imprint, The Uranium Club, navigating the way through every aspect of manufacture, distribution, deals and sales.

We can plan, book and manage a tour for you using our network to get you the best and most suitable shows.

We can do all those things, and more besides...

In todays music world, where the production process is democratised and the fans spread widely, it’s important to join up with people who can take away the hassle and create cost effective plans that leave you to concentrate on the thing you do best - creating great music.

Take a look at our site and check out some of the projects we’ve already been involved with. We’re interested in working with talented artists who are up for the challenge and want a creative and productive partnership based on mutual respect and fairness.  If that’s you and you want to have chat about how we can work together, just mosey on over to the contact page and drop us a line.


Bob “Bert” Hodds

CEO We Do Band Stuff